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I'm Kayleigh, the SHE behind She Hearts Photography - the side-hustling chief photographer, marketer, brainstormer, and decision-maker.

I'm from the Pacific Northwest, born and raised. I found a love of photography while traveling the world, capturing its cultures, mystique, and charm. From 2009 to 2016 I bounced between cruise ship contracts, visiting over 100 countries. As exciting as it was, I felt the need to experience life on land again. Determined to maintain and foster my love of taking photos, I began to teach myself portrait photography. It has been a long and windy road balancing this hobby turned side-business with a full-time job but it's one I am excited to continue and explore.

What I look forward to most about photographing people is encouraging play. We can be so serious in our adult lives, but the best and most photogenic moments come from pure joy. A tickle here, a booty bump there, a few well-placed 'dad-jokes.' Reach out if you're interested in letting down your hair and having fun with me!


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Why Couples?

Life is short. Your relationship deserves to be celebrated and captured. There is trueness, vulnerability, and emotion in couples photography - traits that I constantly seek in my life as well. 

It makes my heart SING to deliver passionate, sweet, romantic, comedic, REAL images to each couple and I cannot wait to do that for you.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
-Andy Warhol

Deep. ⤴ 

Andy's got a point though! 

Fun Fact:

She Hearts Photography stemmed from a love of travel ✈

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